girl walk // all day



“A feature-length dance through the streets (and ferries, bridges and parks) of New York City, the ebullient Girl Walk // All Day treats joy and physical self-expression like acts of happy civil disobedience. Commercial prospects are complicated, but anyone who can watch it without ever breaking into a full-toothed smile should consider medication.”
The Hollywood Reporter

“Girl Walk // All Day is much more than a long-form video; it is a must-see event that reawakens the joy of being alive.”

“...whether you call this a film or a church service, the nonactor casting, editing, direction, and cinematography are just a handful of mature production elements at work here. Never has an audience-financed love letter to New York's urbanscape been photographed more wistfully. ”

Austin Chronicle

“’s a study in how people interact in public spaces. It taps into the urge everyone has to break out in an ordinary setting — to take our private dances public. ”
New York Times

“It’s a joy bomb—more a mood-altering substance than an actual movie.”


“If you've ever wondered how fun and sexy the Staten Island Ferry could get, we have an answer.”
The Village Voice

“Krupnick, the 28-year-old creative mind behind Internet sensation “Girl Walk,” is using the city of New York
as his backdrop for one of the most far-reaching, aspirational music videos yet.”
NY Daily News

“Girl Walk // All Day is a film for everyone who caught themselves dancing in public to the music in their headphones and just didn’t care. It’s also a piece of visual art painted with the colors of New York City, where the residents don’t even blink when a goofy girl in a windbreaker starts dancing like a crazy person right through a park in broad daylight.”
Wired Magazine

"Krupnick’s Girl Walk//All Day is a shining achievement of cinematic bliss... a delightful testimony to the power of community and how the sheer joy of one person’s countenance can bring a smile to hundreds of others..."
The Daily Cardinal